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The AIRPORT Blow Gun Bracket
save costs, protect your machine!


The AIPORT bracket will work with virtually anycommercially available air blow gun. Moreover, it is a perfect match for the needs of industrial work areas, shops, laboratories, TÜV testing centers,training centers, etc.


  • Fast installation with only a few steps:
    Slide the retaining collar over the nozzle and tighten the screw. If your air blow gun's nozzle is screwed in, simply unscrew it, place the washer disk in between, and screw the nozzle back in place. Mount the AIRPORT bracket where you need it using the enclosed double-sided adhesive pad or screws. Then place your air blow gun on the bracket - DONE!
  • Smart solution:
    Angle bracket for sideways installation at a 90° angle, spacer bracket for air blow guns with long nozzles.
  • For right-handed or left-handed use as necessary.
  • Can be inverted (AIRPORT 911) as necessary.


  • Ensure neatness and cleanliness at your work area.
  • Can be placed anywhere on your machine or work area.
  • Adjusting the length of the tube for your air blow gun to the exact required size and having a neatly routed air supply helps eliminate dangerous tripping hazards!
  • The color-coded rubber guard makes it easier to put down your air blow gun correctly and prevents damage to it.
  • AIRPORT keeps air blow guns at a distance, prevents scratches and traces of wear, and keeps your machine surfaces in tip-top shape longer.
  • Color-anodized aluminum provides an appealing look.