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Power for the 4th Axis
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The AIRPORT Blow Gun Bracket
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Power for the 4th Axis: RTV Clamping Jigs

Time saving by Multiside Processing
Multiside processing in one clamping ensures economical chipping in vertical processing centers.
The complete processing of six sides in only two clampings rationalizes increased production.

Cost saving in Jig Construction

RTV offers a wide area of interesting processing options without complicated and expensive special constructions. (Using available or standard clamping tools, ie; machine vises, tod systems and more.
Power für die 4. Achse
Flexible Reacting Possibilities by a wide range of workpieces
RTV is a modular system, essentially composed of circular table flange, basic beam and counter bearing plate. The basic beams can be installed with different lengths, according to jig size or part size.
External Machine Setup during the operation of the machine
RTV increases the production of the processing center, because during the operation time of the machine, you can externally set up the clamping jig. The disassembly or the assembly needs only a few minutes. With integrated bushings in the beam, the jig can be placed consistently and accurately.