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AIRPORT Blow Gun Bracket
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The AIRPORT Blow Gun Bracket
save costs, protect your machine!
RTV 125/1
for circular tables from
100-175 mm center height

RTV 250/1
for circular tables from
200 mm center height
Technical data:
Type 125/1
Type 250/1
Flange diameter
125 mm
250 mm
Flange centerholes
Ø 16 H7
Ø 30 H7
Center bolt hardened and ground
Ø 16 m6 x 40 mm
Ø 30 m6 x 50 mm
Flange mounting on the circular table
4 x M8 (T-Slot Nuts)
4 x M12 (T-Slot Nuts)
Basic beam outer dimensions
66 x 66 mm
ll 0,005/100 mm,
T 0,01/100 mm
136 x 136 mm
ll 0,005/100 mm,
T 0,01/100 mm
Basic beam length
200-400 mm
400-2000 mm
Center offset by excentric clamping
25 ±0,01 mm
50 ±0,01 mm
Tailstock centering by hardened
and ground bushings
Ø 14 x 60°
Ø 25 x 60°