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AIRPORT Blow Gun Bracket
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The AIRPORT Blow Gun Bracket
save costs, protect your machine!
Design Features
Ground steel flange for centric or excentric
fixing on the circular table. Setup with the help
of centering bolt and integral level for
adjustment the beam. Fine ground, rugged
square steel beam for mounting of
clamping tools and jigs. Replaceable in
different lengths from 200 to 2000 mm
(other sizes on demand). Optionally the
beam can be delivered with an individual
drilling template.

RTV 125/1 and 250/1
for Tailstock Support

Counter bearing plate with centric
and excentric bearing
RTV 250/2 for Hydraulic Counter Bearing
with internal hydraulic supply on all four sides.
Quick couplings integrated in the jig beam supply
the hydraulic clamping jig with oil.
Additional oil pipes are not required.