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AIRPORT Blow Gun Bracket
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The AIRPORT Blow Gun Bracket
save costs, protect your machine!
Design Features

The upper- and undersites are grind
in pairs to a thickness of ± 0,02 mm.

The peripheral surface is milled and bronzed.

The distance plates have four holes for M12 screw sizes for fixing on the machine table (hole distance equals to slot distance of the machine tables: please specify by order).

Slots sizes 14/20 H7 are found at the upper and under side for the axial distribution with the machine table; the upper slot has two fastening screw threads sizes M12.

Optionally the plates can be provided with an air pressure connection to allow the easier adjustment for machine direction on the machine table.

RTV Distance plates
for increasing the height of the circular table and tailstock or counterbearing

Material steel St 52
Weight ca. 73 kg
Dimensions 400 x 300 x 78 mm
Standard drilling
320 x 240 mm
(for M12 Mounting bolts
according to DIN 912)